Black Bar in right side of Internet Explorer

Recently I noticed a trend where some users were getting a  strange  black bar on the right side of their screen. Clicking in the empty space or on the scroll bar would cause  weird  behavior on the system and in Internet Explorer 9. So I have written a little guide on how to resolve this!

1Issue – Unable to remove black bar from the right side of Internet Explorer. Here is an image of Internet Explorer in Windows 7, you can clearly see the black bar on the right side of the browser.




2Solution –  First with Internet Explorer open press the Alt button on your keyboard, a menu will appear.

Navigate to the Tools tab.

Go down to Internet Options and click it. A new window will appear.


4In the Internet Options windows select the Advanced tab.

After choosing the Advanced Tab you will see Accelerated Graphics, this box will be unchecked. Check the box so it is no longer empty.  Now you will need to close then re-open Internet Explorer

5And here you are! No more black bar!
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12 thoughts on “Black Bar in right side of Internet Explorer”

  1. Ah yes, my favorite past time is going through IE settings to get it to suck less. The magical reset button is fantastic for toolbar lovers blaha

  2. You are the best, mate, I want to meet you and shout you a coffee, mate …

    Thanks for that, mate.

  3. 3 times my laptop was at geeksquad at best buy and they couldn’t fix this problem.
    It took me less than two minutes with your help. Thank you for taking the time to help others.

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