Adding Files and Documents to Windows 8 Metro UI

Recently I we recieved some tablets for new users and seeing as these were the first Windows 8 devices there are going to be tons of new questions, how do you combat this? Guides. Since in Windows 8 the default screen is the Metro UI it just makes sense to pin documents (PDF’s and whatnot) right there so the user can see them right when they start.

3-6-2013 1-13-21 PMIssue – Unable to pin Documents or Files to the Metro UI
When you try to Send To… or right click on the file in the Metro UI you will notice there is no pin option. Good news is this can simply be resolved.



3-6-2013 1-1-28 PMSolution – Take your document and create a new shortcut to to it by right click > Send to > Desktop (Create Shortcut).

Now you will need to put that new shortcut into: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs


3-6-2013 1-34-47 PMOnce the shortcut file is there simply open the Metro UI and hit Windows  keys; this will open the charms, hit Search on the top right.

Dont search for anything yet, you will see your shortcut that you just copied in the last step under the Apps section.


3-6-2013 1-37-15 PMSimply right click it (or pull down for touch devices) and you will see a Pin to Start button. Press it and your done!

There you go now you can add a bunch of guides, documents, and files right to the start menu of the computer.

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