Apple and OSX disk encryption | Or how did this get deployed to management before IT.

So I ended up having a client who decided to let their manager set up a laptop prior to us getting it. This laptop was one of the new macbooks that by default encrypt the disk (Yosemite and up I think) during the initial setup. This was a pain for me since I needed to split the PC with bootcamp in order to have Windows and OSX running together. As you would imagine this is a problem when the entire volume is being crypted.

Problem: I cant install bootcamp while my disk is being encrypted. I just got a new mac and the disk is locked due to encryption. I want to stop the encryption process on my mac.

Solution: We use terminal to end the process and roll back the changes to the disk.
Requirements: The users encryption phrase / password.

First this is a really easy to do using terminal so if you are not used to it don’t fret. The sooner you start decrypting the disk the sooner you can go back to using your aerospace looking laptop.

First head on over to Applications  and search for Terminal.term1


Now you will need to find out what disk ID is being crypted. Enter in the following command:

diskutil list

This will output a list of all the disks on the system.  You will need the title of the disk that is being crypted for the next part.

diskutil cs revert /Volumes/title_drive -passphrase

Now your done just wait! If your impatient then throw a few:

diskutil cs list

at it and it will give a ETA so you know if you have time to run to get a coffee.



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