Bye bye NewRelic, Hello GraphDat!

3-20-2013 8-50-52 AM

I have been using Newrelic for some time now, let me say the support and features are decent. However there are a few shortcomings that would cause people who are just starting out or playing in a lab (as is my case). To disregard the service:
-The fact there is only 60min retention on a free  account
-The fact I cannot embed my graphs into my own web  front-end on my free account.

I know the term nothing is for free, but considering even the paid embedded graphs contain a giant new relic logo, and even if I were able to embed my graph on a free account I would only have 60min anyways so why not let me? I mean hey if I embed it and they keep their logo on it why not let me do it on my free account. So I got thinking. There has to be something better out there that is perfect for my home lab. And there is!

I present GraphDat (updated they were purchased by a company called Boundary), this application is 100% free. The nice thing about GraphDat is not only is it free but I can see up to 3 hours retention on my graphs free of charge, have unlimited servers, and I can embed it into my own front end so I can keep an eye 24/7 on whats going on. Not only that but the customization features of GraphDat are way better for  building  your graphs. They do lack monitoring individual disks something NewRelic does do well. But they are looking alot better day by day.

Updated 2013-5-10

5-10-2013 7-21-46 PM

Here is an example image of a month retention on GraphDat.






5-10-2013 7-39-06 PMAnd a example of how the product can be used to create custom  embedded graphs.

2 thoughts on “Bye bye NewRelic, Hello GraphDat!”

    1. Darin S.

      Thanks for the comment. Glad to see NewRelic has bumped up its retention for free users. However it still lacks the key ingredient; embedding for free users. This simple item is what has pushed me to find a alternative, not getting a helicopter when deploying just straight bummed me out too.

      I have spoken with Patrick M. at new relic about this and heard it was not something that was going to be implemented.

      I just feel the product already logs 24 hours; why not allow the user to embed such a small graph anyways?

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