Citrix clipboard is not working | Or why cant I copy and paste text from local apps to citrix apps.

First off this is not a fix rather a client side patch. If you do not feel comfortable running this then I would recommend you don’t. The patch was written by a Citrix engineer and hosted on Citrix’s support database but is still not included as a offical patch. I try not to write about half ass fixes but this one has saved me a few times on the weekend when I just needed the clients PC to work.

Problem: When I copy and paste from citrix nothing happens. The clipboard is broken on citrix apps. I cant past text into citrix but it works fine locally.

I have seen this numerous times in and out of the office and it can be very frustrating especially to accounting users who need to copy and paste large datasets.

Solution: Run the repairCDBpatch file that is provided by citrix to fix the chain.

Documentation on this is located here: 

First you need to download the file from Citrix:

Once you have the file you need to extract it to the clients PC. Once that is done simply run the file when the users experience the issue and the chain will be fixed.

Simple and not too much to it. But I found this after some time when looking for a patch with little to no reference of it online. I figured I would write it as a guide to ensure I have easy access to it.

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