Disable Windows 8 Store | Group Policy and Registry Edit

If your looking to keep users from opening the store and running apps there is good news! There are settings in both the registry and in group policy that allow you to do this. Here is a quick little guide on how its done.

3-4-2013 12-26-51 PMIssue – Users are accessing the store and installing apps.

Solution –
 If your not on a domain or dont want to use Group Policy then scroll down to the bottom for the registry edit. If not then start here.


3-4-2013 12-24-24 PM

First create a new group policy and open the Group Policy Management  Editor.
You will be looking under User Configuration / Policies / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Store.

You will want to Enable this option.



Non-Domain / Registry method will be quicker however it would be more efficient in the future to use  Group Policy.

3-4-2013 12-49-30 PM

First open regedit (Press Start > Run > type regedit).



Then navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsStore\
Create a new DWORD called “RemoveWindowsStore” set the value to 1.

There you have it! Store is officially closed so your users can get back to work.



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