Enable Administrative C$ Shares on Windows 8

With every new OS there will be new challenges, and Windows 8 is no exception. For example in windows you can commonly access the files on a PC (provided you have the authority) by simply typing the hostname and the disk letter followed by a $. I have outlined an example below:

3-6-2013 3-11-46 PM\\hostname\c$
You get the point, well in Windows 8 these are disabled by default, I know right. So instead of setting up your shares again lets just re-enable it really quickly!


Issue – Unable to connect to Windows 8 C$ shares

Solution – First of all you will need to be an  administrator  to access the registry.
On the computer you want to add the shares to start a new notepad document and paste in the following information:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Now click File > Save As > Enable Shares.REG 
Now that you have saved the file simply run it to add it to the registry, you may need to reboot before it takes effect but from here on you will be able to access the shares.





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