Forget VNC for connecting to your linux VMs for interactivity. Use NoMachine!

Problem: I want to be able to connect to my linux host from windows and run apps seamlessly.

Solution: freeVNC or better yet NoMachine!

Recently I have been searching for a good, easy to use way for me to visually connect to my linux VMs on a windows host. Sure I can use the ESX console and its ok but I have been searching for something more seamless quick. freeVNC is kind of slow and not very quick to deploy in my opinion. Also it seems to have tons of tearing when working with layered or apps that call 3d raster functions.

Then came NoMachine, this app is stellar. Very simple to install even if you are foreign to linux operating systems. The app needs to be installed on both hosts and then they will discover one and other, obviously there is a bit of a security issue here but for home labs it is more than fine seeing as you need a username and password to log in.


I have been using it for a little over a week and have found a use for it in my VMs and in my hashtopus stack. More on hashtopus another day.

Best part? NoMachine is free! I highly recommend this application and think you should give it a hand if you are in a multi OS or headless RDP restricted environment.

A remote desktop without boundaries 

2 thoughts on “Forget VNC for connecting to your linux VMs for interactivity. Use NoMachine!”

  1. Hi there,

    thanks for dedicating an article about us on your blog 🙂 You might be interested to know that NoMachine 5 is coming very soon, so watch out for that. Among its rich feature offering we’ll be adding screen blanking, internationalization of menus and dialogs (including French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and others), the possibility to set a native look and feel of the GUI (black still being an option) and much much more.
    Keep using NoMachine!

    1. Sarah thanks for reaching out. I think the software is great and needed some more exposure! Keep it free!

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