Loading other users mailboxes in OWA | Or side loading so I can set the OOA.

Before I begin please ensure you follow your companies guidelines to data access prior to pulling this stunt.

Problem: My boss has asked me to audit a users mailbox but I don’t want to reset their password. I need to inspect a mailbox but I don’t want to sync the entire mailbox to a PC in order to see in side. I need to set a out of office alert for a user who is not in the office.

Solution: Grant permissions to the mailbox and use OWA to load the box ontop of the account with permissions.

First of all we need to set up full access to the mailbox using the EMC. Open up your MMC and navigate to Recipient Configuration > Mailbox you will need to find the mailbox you are looking for in this example we are using the totally legit user temp123@mydomain.com

Right click the mailbox and choose Manage Full Access a new menu will appear.




For this example we want all of IT to have access to this mailbox. I would suggest setting up groups in order to make it easier but today we will be using the domain group Domain Admins. Click Add and search for the group. Then click Ok and Manage.



Accept the confirmation showing you that it has completed.



Now go on over to your webmail login. You will want to log in as if you were yourself (assuming you are a member of domain admins).



Once logged in you need to append to the URL to access the other mailbox. You will see:


Change it to say:


And your in!

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