Server 2003 Event ID 333 – Error spamming your event viewer? There is a simple solution.

Recently I was working with a Windows Server 2003 box that was having some memory paging issues long story short ESX was running low on memory and the servers had to be shifted around. However after doing this I  still found that th even log looked like this:

10-22-2013 2-59-26 PM


Problem – Event ID 333 is still created every 5-30 seconds after I have cleared Event ID 2020 has stopped being added to the event log.

Lets look at a basic scenario here. Normally we all know our servers well, the physical and the virtual ones and we know what they are capable of and adjust accordingly. However sometimes an application (in the case of physical) or a whole server (in the case of virtual) will occupy all the memory or shares that it is given.

10-22-2013 3-11-34 PM

This causes Event – 2020 – Error , the source is Server. Its basically saying “Hey Im out of memory and the page pool area is all gone!”

After the issue is cleared or the page area lightens the load then the Event 2020’s will stop. However you may see re-occuring Event 333‘s . This is a Microsoft issue, do not be alarmed these will not stop until the server is rebooted or heaven forbid we patch out Windows Server 2003 boxes. But lets all be honest odds are these are already legacy systems we are afraid of powering off already.

Solution – Apply  Microsofts Hotfix, or Ignore the errors and have a good nights rest knowing these will repeat until the server is rebooted.

Thats right these errors are not supposed to spam the console every 5-30 seconds but they will. So you dont have to keep your eye on it unless you rebooted and they are still coming up. But be sure to check and see if a 2020 came up first after the reboot.

Microsofts hot fix can be found here. With a statement talking about the fact it was an error.

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