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This post is completely off topic but I want to make something  available  that I feel people would use. I recently jumped on the usenet train for fun and found its great that everything is  available  on webUI’s. The downside is typing in the IPs/Hostnames all the time to get to them. Sure you can bookmark em but why do that when you have have this free website I made for you to host on IIS8!

5-10-2013 8-10-29 PM

Just ensure you put a password on any of your services before publicly posting them on the net. Setting up HTTPS  wouldn’t  hurt either.

You can snag the files here, be sure to use your own IP’s / subdomains so you get get to the services. Click the link below to get the files.

SabSite I do not condone the use of Sab or Torrents, unless your downloading Backtrack.


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