Using logstalgia with IIS 8

There is this cool free software out there called logstalgia it allows you to review webserver logs in order to find out in a visual way how clients use your site. But mostly it just looks cool, there are going to be benefits to looking at logs using it but really this is a ‘I was bored’ project so no real business use for it unless your CIO only responds to crazy colors and classic pong. I saw a number of users asking for IIS support on both the wiki and on the github so I decided to educate people on how you can use this on IIS not just Apache or NGIX.

Problem: I want to use logstaigia with IIS or Windows Web Services.

Solution: Change the format that IIS is logging in and make it easy for logging software to interpret the information written by the server.

To be clear you can also convert the logs to an apache like format but this would not allow for monitoring in real time. However this will show you how to fix the issue permanently.

First go on into IIS and click on the site you want to view logging for.1


Once you have opened the logging settings. Change the log format to NCSA and be sure to pick a easy to get to location for the logs.



If you want to see it in more than real time seeing as IIS only seems to write to the file ever few mins then look into setting up realtime logging.

Enjoy using logstalgia to view web traffic!