Update ESXi 5.0 to 5.1

Today I will writing about running an update for ESX 5.0 to ESX 5.1 using nothing but the update file and some storage.

Issue: ESXi 5.0 is out of date and does not support Windows 8.
3-25-2013 8-24-02 AM

Solution: We update ESXi 5.0-5.1

First we need to download the update files for ESXi you can find the latest version at: http://www.vmware.com/patchmgr/findPatch.portal 

At the time of this article it was ESXi510-201210001.zip

We need to download this file and get it somewhere the ESX host can see it. For example I am going to use NAS1 as my device that holds the datastore, altrnatively you can plug in a USB stick and mount it or burn the ISO VMware provides however this is the fastest method.

Once you have copied the ESXi510-201210001.zip file to the datastore do not unzip it keep it in the .ZIP format. We need to quickly enable SSH on the ESX box. This can create a security hole so we will not run the server automatically we will run it until the server reboots. This is perfect as we need to reboot the server when we are done anyways.

3-25-2013 8-22-24 AMTo do this go to the Configuration tab, choose the Security Profile button under Software. Now you will see a properties option. Select it and a new window will appear.




3-25-2013 8-23-48 AMYou will see SSH Stopped , double click it and a new window will open. Select Start and Stop with host then click START.




Now we need to download Putty and connect to the host. You can  grab a  copy of putty from here if you dont already have it. Now that you have putty open it up and type in the IP address of the ESXi server. For this example we will use the port will automatically be added.

3-25-2013 8-01-31 AMYou will be prompted for your username and password. The username is commonly root and the password you would have set when installing ESXi. Once logged in lets verify that the update is in the datastore NAS1. ESXi has all the mounted datastores in a folder called vmfs. Just keep using the LS command until you find the folder that contains the update. Here you can see NAS1 under the VMFS folder keep going deeper until you see the ESXi510-201210001.zip file.

Here it is! /vmfs/volumes/NAS1/ESXi510-201210001.zip
/!\ It is important that you dont change directory into the folder that the update resides in. If you attempt to call the update from within the folder and not the full path then it will spit out a error like this. 

3-25-2013 8-04-45 AM



This is  because  you have called the file without putting in the full /vmfs/volumes/…/…/ESXi510-201210001.zip path. Incase you are confused here are two examples:

WRONG: 3-25-2013 8-02-29 AM
CORRECT!3-25-2013 8-06-32 AM

Now we need to call the update with the update command:
esxcli software vib install -d /vmfs/volumes/[DATASTORE]/[PATCH_FILE].zip

3-25-2013 8-20-51 AM

You will now see nothing for a few seconds but if you check back in about 1-2 min you will see the update applying. When your update is done you will see something  similar  to this:



Good job! We simply need to restart the host from putty or from vCenter itself. After restarting the host you will see that it clearly has updated!

3-25-2013 8-27-39 AMNow you can get to running Windows 8 and Server2012 on ESXi 5.1!

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