Windows Live Mesh not working anymore? Cant find a good P2P Sync application?

Recently Microsoft sent out a 3-11-2013 8-23-39 AM about a service they offered called Windows Live Mesh (WLM). for those of you who  didn’t  know WLM was amazing it allows you to keep two files in sync over the internet without any fees or paying at all. I mean why not you own the storage and you pay for your internet why  shouldn’t  it be free! Regardless the emails were basically telling us they were closing WLM forever.


What jerks. Now I have to find a way to move 150GB across my WAN everyday. I tried multiple solutions then a buddy told me about AeroFS.

Issue – WLM is shut down and I am not longer able to freely sync data over the internet without going to the cloud. Please note AeroFS is not a cloud syncing app. It is a cloud app that syncs your data from Peer to Peer (P2P) no data is actually stored in the cloud. If you want to store your data in the cloud (P2C) look at Cubby by Log Me In.

Solution – Download AeroFS and set it up. You may be saying WOAH wait a  minute  this isnt a guide. Well its not. AeroFS just works and that is whats so great about it. The system is so easy to set up a 5th grader could do it.

If you want more information on AeroFS check out a  excellent  write up here.

UPDATE: AeroFS is now open to the public.

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